About CV Optics USA Inc.

About us

Modeling our offer and structure on our partners needs

Our young distribution center opened its doors in January 2019. It is located in Newark, Delaware, at approximately 30 miles away from the Philadelphia International Airport, and 40 miles away from the sea port of Philadelphia. An ideal situation to easily get the goods of our mother company, by sea and by air. As well as an ideal location to ship to our customers, as the service center of a major US logistics company is only 350 yd away.

The main purpose of our local branch is to be close to our partners in the U.S.A., to understand their needs, to respond to their requests for standard and special lenses.

Beyond our service and quality, our strength lies in our manufacturing facilities and its flexibility. It allows us to offer products that are barely available, like some specific bifocal lenses, thick lenses, pre-tinted semi-finished lenses...

About us

The strength behind CV OPTICS USA INC.

Our mother company, Zhenjiang CV Optical Co. Ltd. was established in 2003, and remains today a family owned business. Working permanently on innovations, processes and service improvements, it has become a leading manufacturer in China.

With its own R&D department, Zhenjiang CV Optical brings out new products every year, and supports its worldwide customers to develop their business with being different. The product quality remains at a high standard level due to equipments and materials coming from high-tech countries (Germany, South Korea, Japan) and partnerships with European companies on production processes.

Zhenjiang CV Optical guarantees its products in being CE and FDA certified.