Blue-Light Filter Lens

Reduces the eyestrain due to the blue light.

Blue light and ultraviolet

UV rays are invisible and are a part of the solar energy. After a long exposure under UV rays, it is harmful for the eyes, the hair and the skin.

Light spectrum

The blue light has the strongest energy in the visible spectrum which can reach the retina at the back of the eye directly.

Tiring for your eyes

Blue Light Energy

In our modern world, we are exposed a long time to electronic lights. They are emitted by the screens of your computer, your smartphone, other cars, public lighting.

UV Rays Exposure

Our BB-Lens lenses do not only filter a part of this high energy blue light, but block the UV rays too. You can use them by every weather, sunny and cloudy, to permanently protect your eyes.

Every weather condition

Where is the blue light coming from

Electronic screens emit intense blue light, new outdoor and car LED lightings. This modern environment can cause eye fatigue after a long exposure.

Light spectrum

Protect your eyes

Filter the high energy light

UV420 Blue Light Filter lenses can reduce the high energy blue light and block the UV rays, while the visible light and useful-for-the-body blue light still goes through.

Visible spectrum

Filter test

In the UV420 filter test, using a 405nm blue light pen, we can see that our BB-Lens lens filters the high energy blue light while the normal lens does not.

Blue Light pen test

Advantages of the UV420 BB-Lens lens

A blue light protection does not rhyme with yellowness. We are now able to get a clearer lens than before, and provide a bright vision.

Clear transparent base color

And on all our UV420 lenses, you get a total protection against the rays with a wavelength up to 400nm.

Full UV protection

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