Ful-Full Lens

Full day protection

Darkens during your outdoor activities, reduces the eyestrain due to the digital blue light during your indoor activities.

Adapt for your Comfort

Ful-Full lenses are not only changing faster than other standard photochromic lenses, but are also changing with glamour colors.

Ful-Full Photochromic Ful-Full NeoContrast

Adapt for your Protection

Combining multiple technologies, the Ful-Full lenses are able to provide great protection against blue light rays from digital sources (cell phone and computer screens...), and UV rays from the sun light. They grant a low eyestrain wearing experience.

Ful-Full Blue Light Shield Ful-Full Transmission Spectrum

Automatic Switching Mode

When our Ful-Full lenses are under UV rays, millions of photochromic cells are activated and change their structure to filter the sunlight. This makes the lenses darkening and "switching to sunglasses mode". Back to a UV rays free zone, their structure change again to disable the filter. The lenses are then in a "blue-light filter mode" only, shielding your eyes from the electronic blue light.

Ful-Full Sunglasses and Blue Filter Modes

One lens, two modes, a full day protection for your indoor and outdoor activities.

Enjoy life with Ful-Full lenses, anywhere, any time!

Our product offer


1.50 / 1.56 / 1.61 / 1.67 / Poly


Finished / Semi-Finished


HC/AR, super-hydrophobic AR available

This product line is available from our factory only - please contact us for more information