Polarized Lens

Protection, fun, fashion

More contrast, higher comfort.

Outdoors activities

Every outdoor activity

Polarized lenses are strongly recommended for outdoor activities. They protect your eyes from the sunlight and reduce the dazzle.

By strong light reflection, near the sea, while driving, skiing, the polarized lenses are the best shield.

Better protection

Every outdoor activity

More filters.

Our polarized lenses feature multi layers to filter the harmful UV rays, reduce the glare and reflection.

Every outdoor activity
  1. Hard Coating Layer
  2. Lens
  3. UV400 Filter
  4. UV400 Filter
  5. Tint Layer
  6. UV400 Filter
  7. UV400 Filter
  8. Polarized layer
  9. Hard Coating Layer

Durable lens

Outdoor activities put your lenses under test. You can extend their life with asking for an additional hard-coating to increase the scratch resistance, and an additional anti-glare coating to improve the transmission.

Every outdoor activity

More indexes, designs, coatings and options are available from our factory - please contact us for more information