Q-Change Lens

New Photochromic Lens 2019

A new generation of faster and darker photochromic lenses.

Q-Change Gen 2019 Photochromic

Photochromic Q-Change Gen 2019 is a new generation of photochromic technology developed by Zhenjiang CV Optics.

Faster darkening and fading, up to 85% absorption.

Fast Darkening Speed

Outside, a fast color darkening is essential for an immediate protection. Usually, standard photochromic response value is 1.25 while Q-Change Gen 2019 is 3.61, which will greatly improve the speed and performance.

Fast changing speed Fast changing graph

Fast Fading Speed

Indoor, we want to get back to our normal view without waiting, and we need a clear lens to guarantee a nuance free sight.

Fast fading speed Fast fading graph

Full UV protection

The sight is essential, our eyes are fragile. Our Q-Change Gen 2019 Photochromic lenses provide a 100% UV-rays protection for your eyes.

Full UV Protection

Tremendous Comfort

Comfort is just to forget that we are wearing photochromic lenses. They simply adapt to your day lights, and protect you all the time. Experiencing our Q-Change Gen 2019 is adopting a new comfort.


Astounding Colors

Protect your eyes with fashion. Classic or trendy, glamour or useful, our Grey and Brown colors are timeless.

Fabulous Photogrey Fabulous Photobrown

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