Ultra Flex

Impact resistant lens

The right alternative for your impact resistant lens (ANSI Z87.1-2015).

Ultra Flex Lens

The Ultra Flex lens is a high impact resistant lens manufactured with an enhanced material. It has got a low light dispersion, a stronger and more flexible structure to withstand impacts.

Enhanced material

Recommended groups

Ultra Flex lenses have been developed to strongly withstand higher impacts than common lenses. They are suitable for outdoor activities, sports, kids, students, as well as half-frame and rimless spectacles. More generally, it is the perfect choice for people who need a better protection.

Ultra Flex for sport activities Ultra Flex for kids

Unique Monomer Structure

Normal Organic Lens Structure

Lens with Normal Organic Structure

Standard organic lenses have a linear monomer structure, with a low impact resistance ability

Lens with the new Ultra Flex Structure

Ultra Flex Lens Structure

Normal Structure VS Ultra Flex Structure

Ultra Flex lenses, made with composite material and a special process, have a network-crosslinking structure giving the lens its flexibility and resistance

Multi Coating

With 16 coating layers on the lens, our Ultra Flex lens protects from harmful UV rays, and from computer and other electronic screen with our BB coating option. Also available with our Q-Change photochromic option, which makes the Ultra Flex one of the most complete and safe lens.

The 16 Layers Multi Coating

Impact Resistant

ANSI Z87.1-2015 certified for high impact resistance (copy available upon request).

The Ultra Flex lens passes the ANSI Z87.1-2015 test, representing the ability of resisting the impact of a 6.35mm (0.25in) diameter steel ball travelling at a velocity of 45.72m/s (150 ft/s).

The impact resistance test

This certification makes our lens a safe product for kids and environment without any risk of particle projection.

Resistant with a low light dispersion

The Ultra Flex lens has an Abbe value of 40, guaranteeing a clear vision and more sight comfort.

Low Light Dispersion

Comfortable Vision

With a high impact resistance, a high Abbe value and a high transmission rate, the new Ultra Flex lens brings a high sight comfort. Its specific enhanced and stress-free structure reduces most of the standard lens issues like the rainbow effect on the edge and eyestrain for wearers.

High Sight Comfort

The 6 advantages of the Ultra Flex Lens

The 6 advantages

Impact resistance, scratch resistant and anti-glare coatings, UV protection, clear, light and thin material, this is a perfect choice for half-frame and rimless frames.

Higher impact resistance test Freedom with Ultra Flex

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Anti Scratch

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